Weekly Net

Regular NWARC Nets are held weekly for all amateur radio operators on Tuesday evenings at 19:30 Hours ( 7:30 PM) utilizing frequency 145.390 -600. The Net is also available via our UHF digital DMR repeater on 444.600 + 5MHz with a colour code of 1, time slot 2 and talk group 2. Emergency Nets may be called at any time. Should our normal VHF frequency be unavailable we would switch to our VHF Simplex frequency of 146.505MHz. The following Net Format is recommended:

Net Format

Welcome to the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club Net. Your net control
for tonight is (your name) VE7 ___ or VA7 ___. However, I will be using the
Club’s call sign of VE7NWC.

The New Westminster Club meets at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of every
month except July and August. Our club and meeting place is situated in the
heart of New-Westminster on the grounds of Moody Park, at the Century
House, rear basement entrance, 620 Eighth Street.

The monthly meetings are of a hybrid nature and split between the club
house and Zoom. To receive Zoom access information prior to the meeting
please email the executive: exec@nwarc.org

Our Net is held every Tuesday on evenings when we don’t hold our meeting.

• Before we start, I now call on anyone who has a report on another
member who is sick or injured. Come now please!

• This net is now open for any announcements from radio amateurs

• This net is now open for check-ins. Please give your call sign in phonetics.
Come now please!

• Any further check-ins for the New Westminster Amateur Radio Club Net,
come now please!

• Hearing no further check-ins, this will conclude our net for this evening.

• We had a total of ______ check-ins tonight.  We thank you all for
checking in and hope to hear you back here next Tuesday at 7:30. For
more information on the club, please check out the club’s website at
NWARC dot org

• This is (your name) VE7 ___ or VA7 ___ Good evening, I will now return
this frequency back to it’s normal use.